Minggu, 24 April 2016

Back to leave...

After 24 days in april , tonight I feel miss someone . I hate the man actually cos he's just come and go again . That man always said that I draw n stretching his heart . He was wrong .

He comes again.Ma heart always says , " Don't come back , don't ever come back" cos after he came he will go again and blame me that i was playin' his heart.

 I was glad when he remember me ,give me attention,give me apprise when he was work and request a video call when we didn't meet for a long time . But I know how it ends , he left me again . Now I just have to waiting he back,and wait to be left again.

Always repeated.

3 komentar:

  1. Lirik lagunya bagu nih. Apakah judulnya PHP? :) Semoga dia datang dan menetap, gak bikin Lala galau lagi :)

  2. ayoo nulissss maningg :D


    1. Aduh ini kok nyasar sampai sini yaaaaa


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